Using the Medical Negligence Solicitors

I live in the North of England; can I still use your Medical Solicitors?

Absolutely, whilst we are based in Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset, we are not restricted to representing clients in medical compensation claims in those areas. Indeed, many previous clients have been from other parts of the country or even overseas. Regardless of location, if you need an experienced medical negligence solicitor to help you with a claim against the NHS or a private medical establishment in the UK, we can help.

Will you keep me informed of developments in my medical negligence claim?

Absolutely, we make sure to update our clients regularly throughout the claims procedure.

Are you experienced in medical negligence solicitors compensation claims?

Having brought hundreds of medical negligence claims of the years, we are certainly experienced. Moreover, the firm carries an accreditation from the Legal Services Commission for the conduct of medical negligence work and Denise Broomfield is a member of the Law Society Clinical Negligence Panel.

Will there be a lot of incomprehensible legal jargon?

During the course of legal proceedings, legal jargon is unavoidable at least to some degree. However, you needn’t worry about becoming confused. We always seek to communicate with our clients in clear, concise English and if there is anything you don’t understand we will help you make sense of it.We’ve come across solicitors who still insist on writing to personal injury and medical negligence clients using Latin phrases – you won’t find that with us. We are big fans of simple, plain English.

So if you’re thinking of making a medical negligence claim – don’t delay, contact our specialists today