The shocking statistics about newborn and stillbirth fatalities

A stillbirth death is defined as the death of a baby 24 weeks or more after the initial date of conception. Tragically an estimated four thousand babies every year are stillborn with a further two and a half thousand failing to survive past the first month following birth. In 2010, there were found to be just over 5 deaths in every 1000 births, equating to over 15 stillborn babies each day.

What causes stillborn and newborn deaths?

Around 50% of stillborn cases are unexplained with the other half generally put down to various birth defects, issues with the placenta, or the illness or death of the mother during birth. With regards newborn deaths, birth defects are once again a common cause, as well as premature births. So why are so many unexplained? Sadly, it may be due to a failure to carry out post-mortems which could reveal important information that would save lives.

One of the most tragic things about these figures is that deaths during labour or birth can usually be avoided. Studies have revealed that up to three quarters of such intrapartum-related deaths were fully or partly caused by poor clinical care. Furthermore, according to some research, close to 50% of all stillbirth deaths could have been avoided if medical treatment had been better whilst the mother was pregnant.

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