The DePuy hip implant scandal – fears grow over metal poisoning

Recipients of the DePuy ASR metal-on-metal hip implants which were subject to a worldwide recall in 2010 have complained of various health problems. The condition of most concern is perhaps metallosis; the poisoning of the blood caused by metallic particles from the hip device entering the bloodstream. The ASR implants have metal ball and cup parts which have been found to grind together, causing metal to shave off.

Metallosis causes inflammation around the hip which can lead to the loss of bone and cause the hip to dislocate, which are major problems for recipients of ASR devices. Those whose hips dislocate are likely to experience excruciating pain and it is no surprise that with such serious health problems being experienced by ASR recipients the number of lawsuits filed against DePuy is rising.

In some cases, a course of anti-inflammatory drugs will be enough to make the problems subside however, many recipients of ASR hip devices will require follow up surgical procedures to replace the hip implants completely. These surgeries, known as revisions, can lead to various other health problems such as infection and nerve damage.

Some patients with metallosis will not even be able to have the surgery done because of the high levels of chromium and cobalt in their blood. Those who have the surgery will also have to suffer the expense, painful rehabilitation, time off work and possible health complications associated with any operations.

If you require a revision operation because of a faulty hip joint – or have suffered any other health problems as a result of the failure of a Johnson and Johnson ASR hip replacement, or indeed any other hip replacement, you could be entitled to make a medical negligence compensation claim.

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