Revision surgeries following Stryker hip implant recall

In recent years, Stryker has been forced to recall three different hip implant models: the Rejuvenate, trident and ABG II. Those who received the implants have complained of metal poisoning, fractured bones, inflammation and loosening of the device amongst other problems.

Hip replacements are designed to be durable and in most cases will last somewhere between 10 and 20 years. However, the Stryker hip implants have been found to regularly fail much earlier than expected meaning that patients require second surgeries called ‘revisions’ to replace the devices and prevent additional complications. During the surgery, the malfunctioning device is taken out and a working implant is put in its place. Injured bone and tissue may also be mended during the surgery.

The Rejuvenate and ABG II implants were found to wear down much earlier than expected. As metal-on-metal hip replacements, the metal components were designed to work in tandem however there was friction between the parts causing metal debris to fleck off into the tissue local to the hip. Some patients suffered metal poisoning as a result, or implant failure as a result and the devices were recalled in 2012.

Just four years earlier Stryker had been forced to recall their Trident product, an all-ceramic device which was found to squeak, cause fractures and loosen early. Affected patients underwent the stress and trauma of revision surgeries.

Surgeons always find it considerably more difficult to carry out revision surgeries than initial hip replacements due to the added difficulty of the procedure. Disconnecting metal components from bone can lead to bone loss requiring extra bone to be grafted on. Furthermore, there is a good chance that bone will be lost which weakens the joint. The risk of complication is therefore higher and extra care must be taken during rehabilitation to prevent loosening or dislocation of the joint.

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