Stryker hip complaints

Hip implant manufacturers have had a tough time of late and it is no different for Stryker, which manufactures the Trident and Rejuvenate hip joint systems. An enormous number of complaints have been received from patients who believe that these implants are responsible for their health issues. These complaints have led to he company withdrawing both products from the shelves and a number of patients have needed revision procedures to correct the damage caused by the defective implant and have a replacement device inserted.

The various lawsuits now brought against Stryker in relation to the hip joint recall scandal along with the numerous complaints sent to the American Food and Drug Agency over the last 8 years have cited some of the following problems:

• Device failure caused by premature wearing of the mechanism or broken components

• Metal poisoning, or ‘metallosis’ caused by metal fragments breaking off from the mechanism and entering the bloodstream or soft tissue

• 11% of people complain of squeaking sounds made by the implant whch necessitate revision surgery.

• Many people experienced extreme pain in the hip area

• Some people have even suffered bone fractures as a result of the fittings used

The FDA approved the Trident implants which were formed of ceramic components in 2003 and the Rejuvenate implants which were made up of metal parts on in 2008. However, an FDA investigation was launched into the manufacturing processes at Stryker’s Cork and New Jersey works in 2007 and Stryker was twice sent letters about breaches. Cork-made Trident devices were eventually recalled in 2008. In 2012, the Rejuvenate devices were recalled as well as the company admitted that the failure rate was unacceptably high and the risks posed to patients were too great.

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