Smith & Nephew hip device recall

Despite DePuy’s highly publicised recall of its ASR metal on metal hip device, the disgraced hip implant manufacturer is not the only one under pressure. Smith & Nephew have also issued a global recall of their R3 hip system following reports of unacceptably high failure rates and dangers to patient safety.

The product was finished in 2007 and launched worldwide in 2009 and since then nearly 8,000 patients have been implanted with the devices, generally as complete replacement hips. The hip implant recall has therefore caused great concern in the UK, where 281 patients are thought to have received the device. Surgeons will no longer use the product following an order from the UK’s medical device regulator, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency. The 281 affected patients will now need to have regular check ups to ensure that the implants are not malfunctioning.

This adds to the concerns that metal on metal hip replacements can cause significant health problems. The metal components of such devices have been found to rub together causing tiny metallic fragments to break off into the tissue surrounding the joint which over time can have potentially disastrous consequences.

Smith & Nephew hip recall – the symptoms

Here are some of the risks associated with the Smith & Nephew R3 Acetabular System:

• Inflammation and extreme pain

• Dislocation of the joint

• Loosening of the device and partial detachment from the bone

• Restricted movement and possible immobility

• Need for removal of the implant

• Poisoning of the blood due to metal ions entering the blood stream (metallosis)

• Soft tissue growths (pseudotumors). Those with metal-on-metal hip implants are 10 times more likely to develop these.

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