Pursuing medical negligence claims at court

It may be the case that the court process has already been triggered by your solicitor simply disclosing that you are pursuing compensation following negligent treatment from a medical professional in an effort to prevent your claim running over the time limit.

Alternatively, your medical negligence solicitor may be seeking to apply to court at the earliest opportunity having already investigated your claim, sent a letter of claim to the other side and tried unsuccessfully to settle the claim out of court.

Whether or not your case is pursued in the High Court or the County Court is likely to be down to the discretion of your solicitor. Generally speaking, the High Court is preferable because of it’s the judges’ added experience and the capacity to handle higher value claims however County Courts are increasingly being used.

Under the Clinical Negligence Pre Action Protocol – a rule of court which must be followed as part of the court process – parties must take a cooperative approach and failure to seek settlements out of court can generate fines.

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Medical negligence is a difficult area of law and the solicitor you instruct to handle your claim therefore needs to be specialist in order to maximise your chances of success. The medical negligence lawyers at Bonallack & Bishop have the expertise needed to win your claim, so:

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