DePuy Pinnacle hip replacement recall – the symptoms

DePuy, the company which issued a global recall of its ASR all-metal hip implants, is receiving an enormous number of complaints related to its Pinnacle hip replacement device as well. Depuy, the orthopaedic unit of Johnson and Johnson, the U.S. based multi-national manufacturers of pharmaceutical and surgical products, withdrew the ASR hip implant after reports of high failure rates – and now it appears that similar problems are being reported with the Pinnacle hip replacement. Below are some of the reported associated medical complications:

  • Pain in the hip area

Many of the complaints received in respect of the Pinnacle hip replacement have alluded to pain in and around the hip, a tell-tale sign of hip implant failure. Those experiencing hip pain should take medical advice as soon as possible in order to prevent the problem worsening in to some of the more serious problems below.

  • Metal Poisoning

Many of the Pinnacle devices use metal-on-metal mechanisms like the ASR implant. As the metal parts slide past each other, they cause friction which results in a fine layer of metallic debris being released into the hip. As metal builds up in the blood and tissue, the blood can become poisoned (metallosis) which causes immense pain and can lead to bone loss.

  • Device Loosening

One of the biggest problems with the DePuy ASR hip implant was loosening of the device. In order to function properly, the implant must stay firmly connected to the hip bone (acetabulum) – however some hip devices have been found to come free. It is yet to be seen whether this is a chronic problem with the Pinnacle.

  • Hip Dislocation

It is also possible for the ball and cup parts of the device to come apart from each other, therefore dislocating the hip. This causes excruciating pain and early signs suggest that it may be a concern with the Pinnacle hips.

DePuy Pinnacle hip replacement – is repeat surgery necessary?

Patients may require second surgeries called ‘revisions’ when the device either becomes too old, or it causes complications such as dislocation, metal poisoning and loosening. Revision surgeries are often long, complicated and difficult to recover from and as a result, surgeons prefer to explore all other options first.

Pinnacle Hip Replacement Recall – you could be entitled to compensation

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