Pharmacy prescription errors

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When you go to collect your prescription from the pharmacy, the thought that they may give you the wrong medication is unlikely to cross your mind. After all, the doctor who wrote the prescription was an expert. However, mistakes are made regarding prescriptions every year and the effects of such errors on patients’ health can be devastating. If you believe that you may have been prescribed drugs which has caused an injury or illness you may find that you are entitled to make a pharmaceutical medical negligence claim.

Pharmaceutical negligence could relate to a defective drug, the wrong drug being prescribed or a wrong dosage being recommended. Any of these things could lead to a serious injury for the patient and as such pharmaceutical retailers, doctors and drug manufacturers could all be claimed against for compensation.

Common causes of Pharmacy Errors

Below is a brief list of drugs which have all been the source of medical negligence compensation claims for pharmacy prescription errors in the past:

• Vioxx which was used until 2004 to treat osteo/rheumatoid arthritis

• Imuran which was prescribed to make the body hospitable to foreign organs following a transplant

• The measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine which caused so much controversy for its effect on children

• Myodil which as effectively a dye which would show up more clearly on x-rays when injected into the spine.

These are just a few select examples but unfortunately there are many drugs which are negligently prescribed.

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