NHS metal on metal hip replacement ban – a summary of our previous blogs

The news on Friday that at long, long, long last, the NHS are looking to ban the use of metal on metal hip implant devices will not come as a surprise to regular readers of this blog. We’ve been blogging about the risks posed by various all metal hips for a long time now. If you are interested in finding out more about the problems caused by the hip replacement recall scandal, why not start by checking out some of the blogs with posted previously on the subject which are set out below

The DePuy hip implant scandal – fears grow over metal poisoning – blog dealing with the risks of metallosis, especially with regard to Johnson & Johnson’s DePuy ASR replacement joint

Stryker hip complaints – which explains the action concerning the Trident and Rejuvenate hip joint systems manufactured by Stryker, including details of the symptoms caused by the failed implant system

Revision surgeries following Stryker hip implant recall – the problems caused by the styiker hip joint and why revision surgery might be necessary

Hip replacement implants more likely to fail in women according to new study – this blog details a 2013 study by the United States Food and Drug Administration which found that hip replacement joints are partly 30% more likely to fail in women than men.

DePuy carried on selling dangerous hip implants for a year despite safety concerns -how a year before Johnson & Johnson withdrew the DePuy ASR joint, the company executives received a letter from the US Food and Drug Administration detailing their concerns about its safety

DePuy Pinnacle hip replacement recall – the symptoms –a blog post setting out kind of symptoms which someone suffering from a failing DePuy ASR device is likely to experience

The Dislocation risks associated with recalled DePuy hip implants – is that in addition to all the other medical risks associated with the disgraced hip joint, a failing DePuy ASR  can lead to hip dislocation

Plaintiff wins first of 10,000 Depuy litigation cases against Johnson & Johnson – this blog reports the result of the first trial brought against Johnson & Johnson in respect of the DePuy compensation claims in which the plaintiff was awarded $8.3 million in damages from the company

Thousands of Australians buoyed by verdict of first DePuy ASR hip recall trial – the DePuy hip recall scandal affected patients worldwide – not just America and the UK. This blog highlights litigation in Australia, where there are 4500 cases pending against Johnson & Johnson

Stryker hip implant metal poisoning – there are a number of manufacturers whose metal on metal hips have come under scrutiny following the worldwide hip replacement recall scandal. This blog describes the particular risk of metal poisoning from the the implant manufactured by Stryker

DePuy ASR recall – frequently asked questions – this post answers many of the most frequent FAQ about the Johnson & Johnson hip implant recall scandal

Metal on metal hip implant recipients advised to have follow up surgeries – as the controversy surrounding metal on metal implants grows, this blog reports that it’s not just those whose implants have failed who are being advised to have revision surgery – many people who have been implanted with such all metal devices are now being told that they should have follow-up surgery to remove the implant devices even if the initial surgery appeared successful.

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