Malfunctioning metal on metal hip replacements – the health risks

The malfunctioning of defective metal on metal hip replacements and resurfacing systems is though to affect tens of thousands of unfortunate patients in Britain. Our medical negligence solicitors have already begun dealing with compensation claims against Johnson and Johnson, the parent company of disgraced manufacturer of the ASR hip devices, DePuy.

Not only do the ASR and ASR XL metal on metal hip implant devices have unacceptably high failure rates but they are actually worse than previous DePuy products and pose significantly higher health risks.

Metal On Metal Hip Replacements -the health risks

The main problem with the devices is that the metal components rub together causing metal fragments to break off and build up in the tissue surrounding the hip joint. This can lead to the following health problems:

• Metallosis (poisoning of the bloodstream caused by metal ions). This can contribute to heart, thyroid, kidney and nerve damage

• Damage to tissue and bone around the hip

• Infection

• Haemophilic cysts (pseudo-tumours)

• Difficulty walking caused by loosening of the implant

• Swelling and pain

These health risks come in addition to the risks associated with hip devices of any kind which include:

• Fracturing of bones

• Weakness or numbness

• Dislocation of the hip joint

• The device breaking

• Osteolysis (the loss of bones)

• Lengthening of one leg

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