Metal on Metal hip replacements – claiming compensation

Bonallack and Bishop are representing clients who have experienced problems following a hip replacement with one of the Metal on Metal (MoM) hip replacements. You may wish to join our group of clients claiming compensation for this.

MoM hip replacements were very popular in the UK between 2003 and 2009. It is thought that around 60,000 joints were implanted into patients during this period and some were implanted before 2003.

The physical problems which MoM hip joints cause are:

  • Inflammation and destruction of the tissues, muscles and bone around the joint
  • Metallosis caused by the cobalt-chromium leaking into the blood circulation and lymphatic
  • Fluid. The long term side effects of this are not known but it could be linked to heart disease and cancer
  • The fact that the majority of patients are being told to have their joint removed and replaced with a conventional hip joint. As you will know hip surgery is major surgery with a long period of rehabilitation.

We are bringing claims against the manufacturers of MoM hip joints for compensation. These claims are being brought under the Consumer Protection Act 1987. In some cases we are also acting for clients in clinical negligence actions against the surgeon who first carried out the surgery. The clinical negligence actions are being brought by clients who had their hip surgery in 2008/2009 when the dangers of using MoM joints were out in the domain of orthopaedic surgeons.

We are claiming damages for the pain ,suffering and disability caused to our clients. We are also seeking to recover any out of pocket expenses such as lost earnings, travel, the cost of having someone look after you and any other items you have had to pay out for but would not have had to pay for if you had not had one of these joints. In severe cases we are claiming for the cost of care or lost earnings in the future.

Claims are being brought in respect of operations carried out at NHS and Private Hospitals. It makes no difference if you paid for your operation.

Claims should be brought within 3 years of you knowing you had a MoM hip joint and that it was causing you problems. There is a long-stop limitation date of 10 years from the date of the original hip surgery. For some patients time is tight so please do not delay in contacting us.

We are able to offer a range of funding options such as “no win no fee, legal expenses insurance funding and privately paying arrangements. Click here for details.

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