Metal on metal hip implant recipients advised to have follow up surgeries

Concern is growing amongst orthopaedics experts about the health problems caused by metal on metal hip implant devices. As a result, many people who have been implanted with such all metal devices are now being told that they should have follow-up surgeries to have the devices removed. Whilst it is clear in some cases that the metal on metal implants have failed, even those who seem to have had successful initial surgery are being advised to have implants removed. This is due to new fears about metallosis which has been affecting those who believed their first procedure had been a success.

Metallosis is believed to be cause by metallic debris from the metal on metal implants entering and poisoning the bloodstream. Medical research carried out in recent months also suggests that metallosis could lead to extremely serious conditions, including heart damage, leukaemia and lymphoma.

These concerns on top of the various problems already associated with malfunctioning Johnson & Johnson and other metal on metal hip implants are likely to cause considerable panic amongst those who have received such implants. Hip replacement surgery is a big enough operation as it is so undergoing such a procedure twice within a relatively short space of time can be highly traumatic. Patients can suffer considerable pain, suffering and financial loss as a result and it is only right that they are compensated for this.

Metal on Metal Hip Implant Problems?  Entitled to compensation?

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