Johnson & Johnson issues second recall for malfunctioning Metal on Metal hip replacements

Scandal hit Johnson and Johnson faces further disgrace as it emerged recently that 7,500 further metal-on-metal hip replacements will need to be recalled. J&J which is the parent company of DePuy which manufactures the faulty hips already recalled 93,000 ASR metal-on-metal hip replacements in 2010 following safety concerns. The latest recall however related to a different product – the Adept hip resurfacing and replacement joint, which uses a similar metal on metal joint as the ASR.

The product was sold in 21 countries around the world but not in the US and was available for purchase from 2004 to 2011. Johnson and Johnson contacted the German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Services to make clear that the Adept implant would have to be recalled following fears about the metal ball component designed to rest just above the thigh bone. As a result, surgeons were instructed to stop implanting patients with the faulty devices in order to prevent further people suffering discomfort.

Information from the British hip implant registry which exposed the 13% failure rate of the ASR implant is said to have sparked the second recall, with a 12% failure rate being recorded this time around.

The timing of the latest calamity is unfortunate for Johnson and Johnson to say the least. The company is currently battling the first of thousands of lawsuits following the Depuy ASR hip implant recall  and many of its former staff, hip surgeons and other witnesses have come forwards to give evidence against the company.

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