Johnson & Johnson still seen as a reputable despite Depuy ASR hip scandal

Remarkable – more evidence, it would appear, that you can certainly fool some of the people some of the time. According to the 13th annual survey of America’s most reputable businesses, run by Harris interactive, Johnson & Johnson remains in the top five of America’s most trusted companies. Yes, you did read that correctly. That’s the same Johnson & Johnson, who are currently in the midst of a huge scandal concerning the DePuy ASR hip implant, and the many thousands of people whose lives have been ruined by its failure rate, and the growing evidence of the Johnson & Johnson were well aware of problems early in this hip device’s life.

The only good news in the poll is that, for the first time in the history of the poll, Johnson & Johnson no longer ranked in first in the first or second place for pharmaceutical companies.

Although it may not be a popular view, I strongly believe that medical negligence lawyers worldwide, rather than being as a drain on the nation’s economy and spots will for promotion of the so-called “compensation culture”, are playing a significant role in bringing such companies to account. Without the current American case and the thousands of pending hip implant recall claims for compensation worldwide, I fear that Johnson & Johnson would have scored even higher in this remarkable poll.

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