Huge payout expected for minister following toxic hip replacement procedure

Tory MP and Defence Minister Andrew Robathan could receive a five-figure sum in damages from disgraced hip implant manufacturer DePuy. Having had the company’s defective ASR devices implanted in 2006, Mr Robathan found himself unable to walk or stand for long periods and even developed a non-cancerous tumour in his leg.

DePuy, which is a subsidiary of health product behemoth Johnson & Johnson was forced to recall the malfunctioning ASR metal-on-metal hip implants in 2010 amid reports of high failure rates.

Mr Robathan had a procedure called resurfacing which is designed for younger patients who do not yet need full hip replacement surgery. However, in 2011, he discovered that a tumour had developed at the top of his leg which his doctor found to be linked to the ASR implants. The devices also left him in extreme pain and it is likely that he will now need extensive surgery to fully replace both hips.

Around 10,000 patients in the UK are thought to be implanted with the ASR metal-on-metal joints. The health problems they cause are thought to relate from the metal components of the implant grinding together, releasing metallic debris into the blood and surrounding tissue.

Whilst single hip injuries generally qualify for around £28,000 in compensation, this figure can rise significantly for double hip injuries and for those who have suffered immense pain and financial loss.

J & J has already been ordered to pay $8.3 million in damages to a Montana man following the first of a possible 10,750 US trials relating to the ASR recall. It’s estimated that damages from hip implant recall claims could cost the company billions.

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