How will my medical negligence claim be managed?

When it comes to running your medical negligence claim, having completed the necessary preliminary work, we will pass it up to court level at which point the progress of your claim is subject to the court process. Our solicitors will then communicate with expert independent medical professionals for example and ensure that they will be available for key dates.

We will then need to apply to the court explaining the action being taken and the points relative to that action. The court will then provide our solicitors with guidance on how to conduct your case in the time left before the trial is held. This may relate specifically to:

• Any further details which the court should be provided with

• Documents which may need to be exchanged

• Analysis of such papers

• The sharing of witness statements with the other side

• Seeking advice from medical experts

• Sharing witness information with the court

The court does of course retain wide-ranging powers and if it decides to step in to alter the conduct of the case e.g. by demanding that particular experts are approached, then it has the power to do so. However, this is not likely to happen in a medical negligence compensation case. In some cases the court will demand that parties attempt to resolve their disputes using mediation before going to court.

Several things are required of the court as well:

• Its number one priority to ensure that both parties receive fair treatment and that a fair outcome is reached

• It must also deal with the case in a way deemed reflective of the claim value

• Sufficient court resources must be spent on the case

• The claim must be dealt with efficiently

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