Claiming compensation for home birth injury

Home births only account for 1 in 50 births each year in the UK according to statistics released by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. However is it thought that as many as 1 in 3 should have home births without fearing that there would be any problems. Sadly though, there are cases of women being wrongly advised to opt for home births or being injured by midwives during the process. Such negligence will often prove grounds for a medical negligence compensation claim.

Home births – Are they safe?

Fortunately, women are generally safe wherever they give birth in the UK which is sadly not the case in many countries across the world. 40% of pregnancies are though to be low risk in the UK of which only 4 births in every 1000 lead to serious problems for the baby during births e.g. breathing difficulties or stillbirth.

In most cases, women in good health are deemed to be safe to clear for home birth. However recent research from Oxford academics suggests that women giving birth for the first time are in fact at much higher risk of suffering complications at home than they would be if they gave birth in a hospital.

First time mothers giving birth at home were nearly twice as likely to have complications with their deliveries as those who give birth in hospital (although the chances of complication are still small, around 9 in every 1000 births).

Claiming compensation for birth injuries

If injury is caused to the mother or the child during a home birth and poor medical advice or treatment was to blame, a medical negligence claim may be justified. If the woman was wrongly cleared for a home birth or a midwife at home directly caused injury to the mother or baby, they could be said to have medically negligent because they breached their duty of care.

Due to the complex nature of such claims you will need a specialist medical negligence solicitor to conduct your claim. The time limits which apply are fairly relaxed, with parents able to claim until their child’s 18th birthday, after which the child has a further 3 years to claim themselves for any injury they sustained.

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