Hip recall – have I been fitted with a faulty implant?

Those who have undergone hip implant surgery after July 2003 are likely to be concerned about the high profile recall of defective hip devices, including the Johnson and Johnson ASR hip replacement. There are ways in which you can find out exactly which product you have been implanted with and whether it poses a risk to your health. If your have been fitted with a faulty hip implant, you should get in touch with an expert medical negligence solicitor about making a compensation claim.

The first step you should take to try and find the name of your implant to is to contact the hospital where you had the hip implant surgery and ask to speak to either the secretary of your orthopaedic consultant or the Medical Records Department. Although the practices for releasing such information are different in every hospital you have the right to know which product has been placed in your body. You can also ask the National Joint Register to provide with the information related to your procedure. Use the link below to make your request:


Hip Implant Recall – will you need further surgery?

Even if you are not experiencing pain or discomfort, you may still find that a revision surgery is needed. Whilst a metal-on-metal hip implant may not have obviously malfunctioned, metallic debris may have poisoned the blood creating a risk of metallosis.

Most hospitals have already contacted those whose hip devices are prone to failure and suggested that they return for review appointments, where blood tests and other checks are performed. If your hospital has not contacted you it is a good idea to contact the hospital yourself to arrange a review. If you have moved house since your surgery and the same hospital is no longer convenient you should find out the possibility of a referral to a local hospital from your GP.

Victim of the Hip Implant Recall scandal? – call us today

Don’t miss out on your chance to claim compensation for your malfunctioning hip implant. You deserve to be compensated for your pain, suffering and financial loss following both the original surgery and any required revision procedure, and our solicitors can help.

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