Hip implant recall claims

Hip implants involve a surgical procedure where an artificial joint replaces part or all of a hip joint – they are designed to help patients have better use of their joints and to remain mobile for as long as possible. Most replacements and other implants do the job they are supposed to do, but sometimes these sort of medical products are defective, leading to a range of problems and the current hip implant recall scandal.

The DePuy ASR hip implant recall

One high profile example of this is the DePuy ASR metal implant. This was recalled in 2010 after it was found that hip implants issued after July 2003 were causing many patients problems. These problems were often serious and included:

• Nerve damage

• Swelling

• Extreme pain

• Muscle damage

• Bone fractures

• A type of blood poisoning called metallosis

• Trouble walking

• Cup loosening

• Tissue damage

• Dislocation of the implant

• The need for corrective surgery

If you have had one of these implants fitted, and you have experienced problems with it, you should seek specialist legal advice as soon as you can. In this example, in addition to voluntarily withdrawing implant entirely, DePuy have admitted a limited degree of responsibility and have agreed to pay for ““reasonable and customary costs of monitoring and treatment for services” relating to the hip implants, but this does not include any other form of compensation.

My Hip Implant Recall Claim – what can I claim for?

If you have been affected by one of these implants, or another type of hip replacement that has since proved to be faulty, you may be able to claim compensation for the following:

• Loss of earnings due to being unable to work

• Physical pain and emotional distress caused by your faulty implant

• Costs related to having to undergo surgery again to correct the problem

Your Hip Implant Recall Claim – don’t delay

Cases surrounding the hip implant recall scandal are quite complicated and so it is vital that you seek advice from a specialist medical negligence solicitor if you think have been affected. You need to take action within three years of becoming aware of the negligence and, because the claims process can be quite long, it’s important to get things started as soon as possible.

The claims process relating to the DePuy and other faulty implant recalls is still relatively new, so it certainly makes sense to engage the services of medical negligence solicitors with experience of hip replacement recall compensation. Our medical claims team is currently running a number of hip implant recall claims – so if you think you might be entitled to make a compensation claim in respect of your faulty hip replacement, contact us today.

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