DePuy carried on selling dangerous hip implants for a year despite safety concerns

More damning evidence about the DePuy hip implant recall scandal has emerged. DePuy, the orthopaedics arm of healthcare giant Johnson & Johnson, recalled 93,000 of the implants in 2010. However, a year beforehand, company executives received a letter from the US Food and Drug Administration expressing fears about the safety of the metal-on-metal devices. Weeks later, the decision was taken to phase out ASR products rather than recall them completely.

Despite the FDA’s letter and warnings from various surgeons that the ASR devices may be unsafe, DePuy continued to sell the leftover stock of implants. It took 12 months after receiving the letter for the company to finally issue a recall.

In the year it took for DePuy to finally issue a recall for the metal-on-metal ASR devices thousands of people are likely to have been fitted with the implants. This is incredibly reckless given the number of problems associated with the ASR models. Estimates for the failure rate of the ASR range anywhere from an unacceptable 12% to a truly staggering 40% of implants within five years. There are also real concerns that patients can develop tumours and blood poisoning as a result of the metal pieces of the implant knocking together, releasing metallic debris into the area surrounding the joint.

Whether you have been recipient of a faulty DePuy ASR or DePuy pinnacle hip implant – you could be entitled to medical negligence compensation.Sadly, you’re not alone – there are approximately 8,000 DePuy ASR and 5,000 Pinnacle lawsuits in the United States alone and problems with these hip implants have occurred worldwide – not least in the UK.

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