Issues related to the DePuy hip recall

What’s wrong with the Depuy hip resurfacing system?

The main problem with the Depuy ASR hip devices relates to the metal components of the joint or resurfacing system grinding together causing small pieces of metal to break off inside the body. These metallic pieces build up over time and lodge themselves in the tissue around the hip. As well as swelling, walking difficulties and pain, this can lead to poisoning of the blood and this therefore of great concern to doctors who already feared that the joints were causing bursitis in patients.

So far, women have been found to be more badly affected than men. This is because men tend to have bigger bones than women and the failure rate for the ASR devices is higher in smaller joints. Indeed, devices with a head size under 5cm are failing at an alarming rate and women are most commonly implanted with devices of this size.

Follow-up surgeries

In a lot of cases, the Depuy hip devices have proved so dangerous that patients have required second surgeries, most commonly to move from the resurfacing system to a total hip replacement. This means that the initial surgery was futile because resurfacing surgeries are supposed to give patients time before they need a full replacement hip. Patients have therefore been forced to grow through the trauma, pain, emotion and inconvenience of major surgery twice.

DePuy Hip Recall – the symptoms

Some of the symptoms that recipients of the DePuy ASR and other all metal hip devices have complained about are listed below. Given the seriousness of the potential health effects it is crucial that you see a specialist doctor if you are concerned that you may have a malfunctioning hip replacement, especially if you are suffering from one or more of the following symptoms:

• Restricted movement and trouble walking

• Pain and swelling

• Separation of the cup part of the device from the bone

• Damage to surrounding nerves, tissue and muscles

• Blood poisoning – metallosis

• Hip joint dislocation

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