The Dislocation risks associated with recalled DePuy hip implants

The have been many problems associated with the defective DePuy ASR hip devices and one of the most serious of these is implant dislocation. Dislocation of the hip joint causes unbearable pain and it is important that medical professionals act swiftly to prevent further damage.

The DePuy ASR implants which were recalled in August 2010 use a ball and cup mechanism. The metal ball attaches to the femur and is designed to interlock with the cup component which is connected to the hip bone. Should the ball and cup come apart from the each other, the hip will dislocate.

When the ASR hip implants dislocate, other serious issues can arise including infection, metallosis (blood poisoning caused by metallic dust entering the blood stream), loss of bone, damage to tissue and excruciating pain.

In order to avoid further damage, patients must be operated on as a matter of urgency following implant dislocation. Without surgery the patient will remain immobile and could develop other serious health problems. However, elderly people taking blood-thinning medication will not be able to have such surgery because of bleeding risks. This shows just how dangerous these implants can be.

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