Can I still choose a medical negligence solicitor if I claim on legal expenses insurance?

If you are making a medical negligence claim you may find that a legal expenses insurance policy will cover some or all of your legal fees. However, you may not want to go with the solicitor suggested by your insurance provider, so what should you do? Thankfully, you have the right to choose whichever solicitor you wish to conduct your claim, even if their fees will be funded by a legal expenses insurance policy.

We have many cases before where claimants have been unconvinced by the solicitors recommended by their insurance companies to run their claim. If you are dissatisfied, you exercise your right to switch.

For low value claims with relatively uncomplicated issues, the solicitor chosen by the insurance company may be satisfactory. When claims are high value and complex though, a specialist medical negligence compensation claim solicitor should be instructed in order to ensure that you recover the full award you are entitled to. You must be confident that your solicitor has both the expertise to run you claim successfully and the client care skills needed to support you throughout the process.

Our expert team of personal injury lawyers specialise in medical negligence compensation claims and would be happy to help you with your claim whether it’s under a legal expenses insurance arrangement or through a No Win No Fee Agreement which we can offer. Appointing the correct solicitor is absolutely crucial and it is therefore advisable to do your research before settling for the solicitor recommended by your insurance company.

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