Looking to make a hip replacement recall claim? Look no further

Metal on metal hip replacements have been the cause of much controversy in recent weeks as manufacturers have been forced to recall thousands of devices following reports of high failure rates and safety concerns. If you are concerned that you may have been implanted with one of the defective products, there are a series of steps you should take. To start with, you will need to make sure that the product you have been fitted with is definitely one of the defective devices identified -these include the Johnson and Johnson DePuy ASR and Smith & Nephew’s Birmingham Hip Modular Head implants. To find this out, you should ask the surgeon who conducted the hip replacement surgery to tell you the name of the product used.

Hip replacement recall – the future risk of metallosis

If your hip seems fine and you are not feeling pain or seeing any swelling, you may wonder why people are so concerned. However, you could still be in danger. Symptoms often will not develop until a while after the hip resurfacing surgery. If you find out that your hip implant is indeed one of those prone to malfunction you must see your doctor for a blood test. This is because you may have a condition called metallosis which can cause sickness, headaches and nerve damage but may not feel like an issue related to the hip. Metallosis is caused when chromium and cobalt particles enter the blood stream as a result of the metal parts of the hip device colliding.

You should also start to consider legal action if a hip implant recall is set to affect you. DePuy has offered recipients of defective implants recompense for “customary” treatment costs and Smith & Nephew and Stryker which are the other manufacturers who have issued recalls, have not offered any such payouts. You deserve to be compensated and for more than just treatment costs. You are likely to lose earnings and be in considerable pain as a result of the revision surgery required and these things should be reflected in damages as well.

Looking to make a hip replacement recall claim? Look no further

If you are unlucky enough to be implanted with a malfunctioning metal on metal hip that has been the subject of the DePuy ASR or Smith & Nephew Birmingham hip recall, you should contact our specialist medical negligence solicitors about the possibility of making a compensation claim.

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